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Virginia is for indie lo♥ers
this a community for the kids from virginia that love all things indie. it doesn't take much to be here and it isnt much at all. but if you do want to join please be sure you are from virginia and you are interested in the indie scene.
001.you can post anything here, as long as it is on topic. you have your own journal to cry and dance in.
002.you gotta be from virginia. not d.c, not maryland not west virginia, ok?
003.please dont ignore us. you joined because you wanted to be a part of this so you should care at least a little.
004.whenever you post, type "virginia_indie" somewhere in the entry.
005.if you are a shiney block of stereotype and cliche dont join.
006.fill out the little app. just to see if we like you. (if we dont like you your out)
007.be nice. don't yell and scream and shout and fight.
008.expressing your opinion/being mean are two different things. (cussing does not count as fighting)
009.feel free to promote any community or journal you want, but if you do, please promote virginia_indies in the journal you want us to visit.
010.you must use a lj cut text when applying. if you're a cut text retard don't even bother.
p.s. this isnt a personals page and if you want to meet up do it on your own time. and please follow the rules or you will be banned.

your name&gender::
where in VA are you from?::
5 favorite bands::
5 favorite songs::
5 favorite movies::
5 favorite places in virginia::
5 favorite independent films::
5 favorite local/underground bands::
5 favorite past times::

here are the stamps.

and thats it. post and promote. <3333333333
virginia indies:
a static lullaby, adam green, alkaline trio, anti-mainstream, anything george lucas, anything tim burton, aqualung, ash, atlas, badly drawn boy, belle & sebastian, ben kweller, blur, brand new, bright eyes, british sea power, budapest, buffseeds, chuck taylors, crowded house, damien rice, death cab for cutie, del amitri, digital cameras, dogma, ed harcourt, elbow, elliot smith, embrace, emo, exploding dog, feeder, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, gigs, guitar, hair, halo, harrison ford, haven, hoodies, hot hot heat, howie day, html, idlewild, incubus, independent films, independent record labels, indiana jones, indie, indie boys, indie girls, indie music, jetplane landing, less than jake, libertines, live bands, lord of the rings, magnetic fields, manic street preachers, massive attack, matchbook romance, moldy peaches, mr. rogers, mull historical society, murder by death, music, nuerotically yours, oasis, one line drawing, pedro the lion, photography, pink floyd, pixies, placebo, political incorrectness, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, rem, rooney, sarcasm, saves the day, scene, seafood, smashing pumpkins, smile empty soul, snow patrol, something corporate, star wars, stereophonics, super furry animals, taking back sunday, the beatles, the carpenters, the coral, the corals, the dawn parade, the distillers, the electric soft parace, the electric soft parade, the get up kids, the hives, the kinks, the libertines, the music, the postal service, the smiths, the starting line, the stills, the strokes, the sundays, the thrills, the vines, the wannadies, thrice, thursday, tig, tributes to dead people, underground bands, virginia, wannadies, weezer, when reason sleeps, zwan