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name & gender:: jaime, female
where in VA are you from?:: richmond
5 favorite bands:: radiohead, the beatles, bloc party, the libertines, jeff buckley,
5 favorite songs:: "step into my office, baby", "two more years", "under pressure", "a day in the life", "the coast is always changing"
5 favorite movies:: tim burton films especially beetle juice. trainspotting, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, dancer in the dark, harold and maude
5 favorite places in virginia:: the fan is nice (that's where i live), nova, williamsburg, maymont park, norfolk....
5 favorite independent films:: waiting for guffman, amelie, donnie darko, the virgin suicides, garden state
5 favorite local/underground bands:: i havent seen that many lately, but i like a roman holiday, the waking hours (even though they moved)...
5 favorite past times:: reading, sleeping, listening to music, drinking with friends, being silly
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