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tour help pleasee?

my name is dustin, i'm from atlanta, ga, and i have a solo project called dustin and the furniture. it's an acoustic indie-folk kind of thing, sometimes compared to the microphones, xiu xiu, bright eyes, iron & wine, devendra banhart, neutral milk hotel, etc. i'm booking an east coast tour this summer in late june with my friend alex iceberg, and we'd like to play a show in virginia, preferably richmond i guess, but i'm open to any suggestions. if any local bands see this, WE WOULD LOVE TO OPEN FOR YOU. we'd ideally like to play there on june 20th. we will play ANYWHERE (small venues, coffee shops, houses, porches, etc.)
so if you're a band and want to play with us, OR if you'd like to help actually book the show, please please please either comment here or email me at andthefurniture@gmail.com. a link to my temporary website:


thank you!
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