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virginia_indie application

im not so sure if this community is still alive but since im an indie fan and im in virginia i thought id join...


your name&gender:: Nichole and female
where in VA are you from?:: Chesapeake
5 favorite bands:: death cab for cutie. matchbook romance. atreyu. funeral for a friend. the postal service.
5 favorite songs::  rookie of the year. tiny vessels. short stories with tragic endings. the greatest fall of all time. red is the new black.
5 favorite movies::  lord of the rings. dirty dancing havanna nights. napolean dynamite. pirates of the caribbean. a cinderella story.
5 favorite places in virginia:: virginia beach [the actual beach]. starbucks. my room. busch gardens. anyplace where i can go out with my friends and my boyfriend and have fun.
5 favorite independent films:: hmm i dont really know...
5 favorite local/underground bands:: a fall of transition. the meadows. mae [not so much underground anymore but they were local at one point]. um yeah thats all i can think of.
5 favorite past times:: softball. volleyball. guitar. reading. music.

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