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Name & gender:: Michelle & girl
Where in VA are you from?:: Amherst County is my new hell of a home
5 favorite bands:: Snow Patrol, Postal Service, Enon, Interpol, Explosions in the Sky
5 favorite songs:: Love will Tear us apart- Joy Division, Just Like Heaven – The Cure, Lover I don’t have to Love- Bright Eyes, Tiny Vessels- Death Cab for Cutie, Trailer Trash- Modest Mouse
5 favorite movies:: Fight Club, Donnie Darko, Magnolia, Vanilla Sky, Napoleon Dynamite
5 favorite places in virginia:: My dorm room, the $1.50 movie theater, the SBC lake, the 2nd floor of the library, anywhere with swings
5 favorite independent films:: Run Lola Run, Requiem for a Dream, Memento, Show me Love, American History X
5 favorite local/underground bands:: I don’t know any local bands around here
5 favorite past times:: ditching school to go play in the snow, Mock trial County Champs 2004, crowd surfing and almost getting trampled on in san diego, Pedro the Lion @ the glasshouse, eating See’s chocolates while sitting in the spa with my LC

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