who? (channybing14) wrote in virginia_indie,

your name&gender:: chandler&female
where in VA are you from?:: mclean
5 favorite bands:: pixies, magentic fields, wilco, belle and sebastian, jonathan fire*eater
5 favorite songs:: impossible to say.
5 favorite movies:: eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, lost in translation, garden state, donny darko, i <3 huckabees
5 favorite places in virginia:: the birchmere, ballston metro, pawn shop in arlington, my basement, and old town alexandria. (have yet to venture south)
5 favorite independent films:: ummm....festival express.
5 favorite local/underground bands:: rockmaster general, childballads, soundriot, the spotlight, the mend
5 favorite past times:: concert going, thinking of what there is to do in northern virginia, riding the metro, reading, hanging out in adams morgan....
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