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like lovers do

your name&gender:: rachel // female
where in VA are you from?:: reston
5 favorite bands:: the smiths, ben folds five, beulah, pavement, the lucksmiths
5 favorite songs:: for no one • elliott smith (beatles cover) // washington dc • the magnetic fields // boy with the thorn in his side • jeff buckley (smiths cover) // air • ben folds five // the laws have changed • the new pornographers
5 favorite movies:: almost famous // the royal tenenbaums // amélie //
5 favorite places in virginia:: the platform of the east falls church metro // the lebanese taverna deli // cd cellar // common grounds // downtown leesburg (my hometown)
5 favorite independent films:: word to your mother and the other cinematic question.
5 favorite local/underground bands:: the hip replacement, the burlington goat factory experience
5 favorite past times:: reading, concert-going, traveling, learning languages
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